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The Rider Guider is a patented (United States Patent #7137925) device used in the instruction of snowboarding. It is the newest, most efficient way to teach children the sport of snowboarding. The Rider Guider is also assisting adaptive instructors teach children with disabilities how to snowboard.

The Rider Guider easily connects to any snowboard allowing the instructor or parent to ski behind the snowboarder controlling the speed, direction and angle of the board. This allows the snowboarder to learn the balance of snowboarding thus greatly reducing the learning curve and bruises normally associated with learning the sport.

2002 Olympic halfpipe gold medalist Ross Powers, co-owner of PodiumVT.com, had this to say about the RiderGuider, "I've used your product with my daughter and I think it's a good way for kids to get the feeling of riding." Besides Ross, there are a number of snowboard programs now benefiting from using the Rider Guider.

Easy to install:
Simply remove the rear binding and attach the base plate to the snowboard. Replace the rear binding over the base plate using the extension screws provided. The handle connects to the universal joint, which is permanently mounted to the base plate. The handle is easily removed for riding the chair lift.

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