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Audio Lessons While You Ride Equestrian App

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 Audio Riding Lessons and Groundwork Lessons App 

Simply tap on the exercises to create your personalised playlists of audios to listen to while you ride. New audios are added every month

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Rider Guider is FREE to download and FREE to try

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Audio Coaching Lessons App

Saltherider - App Store

This is such a good App. Before I would get bored and not really have a plan when riding on my own in the arena. Now I know what I’m working on and the audios reminds of things I’ve been taught during my lessons. Love it

Celia B - Google Playstore

Clear and concise. Especially useful if you train on your own and need some useful ideas and instruction.

Alice J -Google Playstore

“I tried this app for free last week and was blown away. The instruction was so clear and easy to follow and some of the tips I have never been told before and it blew my mind as it worked wonders! I'm so impressed!.”
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Horse Riding Lessons and Training in your pocket

These lessons provide a portable horse riding trainer in your pocket that is a flexible and customisable learning experience, allowing riders to immerse themselves in valuable insights, guidance and riding tips while on the the horse or doing groundwork training.


Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a strong foundation in your riding or an experienced rider aiming to refine your techniques, these audio lessons offer a wealth of information on topics ranging from riding posture and balance to dressage and groundwork training tips. The soothing rhythm of hoofbeats and expert narration creates an immersive learning environment, making horse riding audio lessons an indispensable tool for those passionate about the equestrian world.

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