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Rider Guider

Dressage Caller and Horse Riding Audio Lessons
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Train Smarter:
The Equestrian App Redefining Training.

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 Audio Riding Lessons and
Dressage Caller App 

Audio Training Equestrian App in our pocket. Horse riding audio lessons and the Real Time Dressage Caller. 

The Rider Guider App is FREE to download and you can try the audio guides FREE for 14 days


AI Technology Equestrian App

The Rider Guider Equestrian training app has revolutionised the way riders of all levels train with their horses. The app combines the convenience of modern technology with the traditional training methods, offering a comprehensive platform for riders to enhance their skills and and train independently whenever they need to. From beginners seeking foundational knowledge to experienced riders aiming to fine-tune their techniques. The App features personalised audio lessons, and a real-time Dressage Caller using AI technology voice recognition for a dynamic and accessible way for riders to learn, practice, and excel in the equestrian world, all at the touch of a screen.

Get Rider Guider Audio Riding lessons in Appstore
Get Rider Guider Audio Riding lessons in
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Saltherider - App Store

This is such a good App. Before I would get bored and not really have a plan when riding on my own in the arena. Now I know what I’m working on and the audios reminds of things I’ve been taught during my lessons. Love it

Celia B - Google Playstore

Clear and concise. Especially useful if you train on your own and need some useful ideas and instruction.

Alice J -Google Playstore

“I tried this app for free last week and was blown away. The instruction was so clear and easy to follow and some of the tips I have never been told before and it blew my mind as it worked wonders! I'm so impressed!.”
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Winners of Theo Paphitis Small Business Network and Finalist for the Equestrian Business Awards 'Tech of the Year' 2022 & 2023

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