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Rider Guider

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The Audio Guide While You Ride Equestrian App

Rider Guider is a unique equestrian App for horse riders and horse training, allowing you to listen to horse riding audio lessons while you ride.

Create your own personalised playlist of informative audios to listen to as you ride. Choose from Warm-ups, Groundwork, Flatwork or Dressage, simply select the audios you want and bring some new motivation into the arena!

Alice J

I tried this app for free last week and was blown away. The instruction was so clear and easy to follow and some of the tips I have never been told before and it blew my mind as it worked wonders! I’m so impressed!


I think this app is really clever, and it shows how riders can move away from the traditional pattern of “learning to ride“ only with an instructor in place. If a person can use the exercices within this app and back up their skillset with eyes-on-the-ground coaching when needed, it will provide a really good framework to build a beginner horse-owners confidence. A great step when transitioning from riding school student to independent horse owner and rider. And I love the fact that the advice within is given calmly, clearly and contains good solid science-based reasoning for good habits.


This is such a good App. Before I would get bored and not really have a plan when riding on my own in the arena. Now I know what I’m working on and the audios reminds of things I’ve been taught during my lessons. Love it

N Morgan

This is a fantastic app which really helps you plan out a riding session and keep you thinking about everything everything else you often forget when you don’t have an instructor on the floor! This definitely helps with keeping things structured between riding lessons and settles competition nerves as you constantly have someone talking to you to take your mind of things!

The Gatherer

I struggle massively with focus whilst riding and planning my schooling , this was perfect , being able to listen through my earphones not only kept me concentrated but it also blocked outside noise so I had no distractions meaning I wasn’t passing any nerves etc onto my horse. Riding can sometimes feel like half an hour when its only been 10 minutes when I’m working out what to do myself but these simple tasks made a session for gradually building up. It really does feel like there’s an instructor there with you. I’d highly recommend this app!

A Burgess

Excellent idea, great for using when riding without your instructor and for ensuring you have a riding plan before exercising.

Peanuts the naughty

If you ride on your own a lot or can’t afford weekly lessons then this app is for you. You can choose your playlist of all the exercises you want to ride, and then plug your headphones in and off you go. It helps me focus on what I’m doing but also makes you fully concentrate on your ride! I would highly recommend this.

Chris Richmond

Perfect for independent training, or just getting started and practising alone! There are some great more complex exercises too – great idea. Thank you!

Lisa B

This is really helping me with my riding. I love how you can constantly change your training so you never get bored and I loo forward to the new audios added every month. Such good value too.


A fantastic app which will be helpful for both beginner and experienced riders, there is a wide range of exercises for working your horse from in the saddle, on the ground and over poles and exercises for specific things ie warming up a hot horse or rider balance. The app is well designed and easy to use, with good graphics. The audio is excellent quality and the information and exercises are explained very well. Would recommend!

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