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Ambassadors and Sponsored Riders

Meet our amazing team of ambassadors.

You can follow them on their Instagram or Facebook pages.  They love to chat and share their stories in the horse world.  

Our Ambassadors help us in the incredibly important work of raising our profile.

Our Sponsored Rider - Jessy & Bear

Bear did his first prelim test last year, now Jessy is planning on bringing him out in April at medium with the hope of qualifying for the area pet plan festival.


They need 4 points with 66%, and have 12 weeks to achieve it.


Jessy has worked on a full on training plan for Bear and both Jessy and Rider Guider are 100% sure that they can do it.

Their first competition is on the 2nd April at Sheepgate Equestrian, followed by 29th May at Hill House, and 4/5th June again at Sheepgate.  


With the help from Rider Guider we know that both Bear and Jessy can do this and we will be cheering them on all they way.

You can Follow Bear and Jessy on Instagram  dressage_rogue

Rider Guider Sponsored Rider Jessy

Ambassador - Dawn & Twlight

Dawn started riding Twilight for a friend 4 years ago to help get him fit. He was just 6 years old at the time and had been turned away for the best part of 9 months. The idea was to get him fit and ready to sell. 


Twilight probably wasn't the best choice for Dawn, a rider who had zero confidence and had said she was never going to ride again after a couple of nasty falls.

The pair just bonded and that's as far as his 'for sale' status went! Dawn loaned him for the next 4 years and bought him a few months ago.


Together they have gone from hacking to a little bit of everything including BE, Dressage, Arena Eventing, Hunter Trials, and Riding Club teams in all disciplines!

He is Dawn's horse of a lifetime that she didn't know she was looking for.


You can Follow Dawn and Twilight on Instagram whiskers_twilight

Rider Guider Ambassador Dawn
Rider Guider Ambassador Dawn & Twighligt

Ambassador - Sara and Jonny

Meet Sara and Johnny, Sara has owned Jonny for 10 months. In that time she has gone from crying over a 30cm x pole, to successfully completing 2 x BE80 


He is an all round dude and even though he's only 6yr old and not done much either, he is as honest as they come. 


It's not all plain sailing. He sometimes thinks he is a rodeo pony and I've hit the ground a couple of times.  

Sara lives in Scotland with her wife and 8 year old son, plus 2 very silly ginger dogs.

Follow Sara on Instagram mama_goes_eventing

Rider Guider Ambassador Sara
Rider Guider Ambassador Sara & Jonny

Ambassador - Emily 

I’m a 23 year old equine physiotherapist student who’s has several horses ranging from 3 year olds to my retired boy. I enjoy doing ground work with all my horses as it has benefits for the horses especially the oldies as it keeps them feeling supple and I compete with rhudi and lottie. My horses are my life and keeping them happy and healthy are my biggest prioritise alongside having lots of fun.


Follow Emily on Instagram emsgoeseventing

Rider Guider Ambassador Emily
Rider Guider Ambassador Emily

Ambassador - Holly 

I’m Holly , I am a 40 years old hobby rider and live in Aberdeenshire with my partner, 4 horses and 5 dogs. My goal is to BE grassroots, starting from complete scratch with my 5 yo Cash, and zero facilities at home. I am dyslexic and my interpretation of instructions and plans somethings makes for tricky learning and my self believe shakey. My secret life goal is to win a sash at dressage, we can only dream.

Follow Holly on instagram @the_outsized_equestrian


Ambassador - Danielle 

I started competing competitively showing at 3 years old. Extremely lucky to have a great string of ponies. I won HOYS with Bengad Duranta and the Royal International with Limestone Kitty and many national showing titles. I then moved to dressage and was a U21 GB Dressage rider. I then had a 19 year break and had a career as a celebrity bodyguard being personal bodyguard to Emma Watson when she was in Harry Potter. I was also Europes 1st televised female cage fighting referee. In March 2022 I had a stroke which left me with Functional neurological disorder and Hemeplegic migraines. I’m based with my trainer with 2 fabulous horses currently competing Medium/ Advanced Medium. My goal is to regain my British Flags.

Follow Danielle on instagram @curzondanielle


Ambassador - Christina 

I’m Christina. Born in Hong Kong, I moved to the UK at 13 and discovered my passion for riding. After a break during university, I’ve been riding consistently for the past two years, sharing a 16.2hh Irish Sport Horse. I’m focused on improving my flatwork, bonding with horses, and excited to get back into jumping this year with the help of a Rider Guider!

Follow Emily on Instagram @chrissyandhorses


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