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Rider Guider Equestrian App

Rider Guider Subscription Prices

You can subscribe to the audios or the Dressage Caller independently or have both options on your phone. 

With the audio subscriptions you will automatically start your free 14 day trial. At the end of your free trial your subscription will begin.

You can cancel any of your subscriptions at any time from the Appstore or Playstore


Equestrian Apps

Horse riding apps offer a multitude of benefits that enrich both the equestrian experience and horsemanship skills. These apps provide a convenient platform for riders to access a wealth of information, ranging from training techniques and riding tips to horse care and health insights, all at the touch of a screen. The Rider Guider App allows you to personalise your training plans tailored to  your individual goals and your horses needs


By harnessing the power of technology, horse riding apps like Rider Guider not only enhance the learning process but also foster a deeper connection between riders and their horse, ultimately elevating the overall riding journey.

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