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Rider Guider Audio Categories

Warm Ups,  Cool Downs, Groundwork, Flatwork and Dressage

The Rider Guider Audio Lessons are broken down into four categories and within each category there is a wealth of knowledge and tips for your to listen to whilst you ride.

You can also have 4 audio riding lessons free for life with the App

The Categories

Warm Up &

Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down a horse are crucial steps in ensuring the animal's physical well-being and performance, as they help prevent injuries and promote overall health.

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Flatwork  builds a strong foundation and enhances communication between rider and horse, ultimately leading to better balance, agility, and overall performance.

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Groundwork with a horse is essential for building trust, establishing communication, and ensuring a solid foundation of respect and trust, which are vital for a successful partnership between horse and rider.

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Dressage training focuses on developing a horse's balance, flexibility, and responsiveness to subtle cues, using these audios can help you prepare for a dressage test.

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Rider Guider Training Audios

Our horse riding audio lessons and Groundwork Training can be an incredibly effective way to enhance your riding skills and knowledge.


These lessons provide a convenient and flexible method of learning, as you can listen to them while you are riding or training your horse.


The audio format allows you to select exactly which exercises your want to work on and tailor your training to your specific needs, making it a valuable resource for riders of all levels.


Whether you are a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced rider seeking to refine your technique,  our horse riding audio lessons offer a unique learning experience.


Furthermore, the download facility of the audio lessons means you can access them whenever and wherever you want even if you are in a poor signal area.  Overall, the Rider Guider Equestrian App offer a convenient and effective way to expand your knowledge and skills in the equestrian world.

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