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Dressage Horse
Rider Guider Equestrian App

Dressage Test Caller

Rider Guider's Dressage Test Caller function allows you to record your test and have it called in 'Real Time' without the need of a Test Caller standing with you at the side of the arena.  Now you can learn your dressage test anytime. The Dressage Caller uses AI technology to learn your own voice and promptly call your test. 

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The Dressage Caller in your pocket

Learning a dressage test requires practice, attention to detail, and a systematic approach. With our new revolutionary Dressage Caller function you can learn any test, at any time in real-time. 


Dressage Caller will enable you to ride and practice absolutely any dressage test. Simply record and save your test movement by movement. If you wish you can also add your own personal tips and prompts to help you with that movement.


Once you have recorded the entire test, click 'Save Test’ and name it for easy reference. You can store up to five tests within the app. Now you are ready to start learning and practicing your test on your horse in real time.  


The Dressage Caller function works in conjunction with any headphone with a microphone, we highly recommend the Helmet Connect for it's ease of use and quality of sound. 


From your list of Saved Tests, simply select the test you want to practice and connect to a headphone with a microphone. Pop your phone in your pocket and you’re ready to go.


Rider Guider Dressage Caller uses AI voice recognition, ensure you speak the instructions slowly and clearly.


Each time you wish the AI to complete an instruction say Caller, you will immediately hear a beep which indicates Caller is listening and is ready to perform your chosen command. Recognised commands are Begin, Next, Repeat, and Stop. 


Before each command you need to use the wake word Caller, you will hear a beep to indicate it has been activated and is ready to perform your chosen command. 


To Start your test say Caller Begin and your first movement will be played. 


Each time you're ready to hear your next movement, say Caller Next. 


You can say Caller Repeat to repeat or Caller Stop to end your test.

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