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Meet our amazing team of ambassadors.

You can follow them on their Instagram or Facebook pages.  They love to chat and share their stories in the horse world.

Our Ambassadors help us in the incredibly important work of raising our profile.

Our Sponsored Rider – Jessy & Bear

Bear did his first prelim test last year, now Jessy is planning on bringing him out in April at medium with the hope of qualifying for the area pet plan festival.

They need 4 points with 66%, and have 12 weeks to achieve it.

Jessy has worked on a full on training plan for Bear and both Jessy and Rider Guider are 100% sure that they can do it.

Their first competition is on the 2nd April at Sheepgate Equestrian, followed by 29th May at Hill House, and 4/5th June again at Sheepgate.  

With the help from Rider Guider we know that both Bear and Jessy can do this and we will be cheering them on all they way.

You can Follow Bear and Jessy on Instagram  dressage_rogue

Ambassador – Dawn & Twlight

Dawn started riding Twilight for a friend 4 years ago to help get him fit. He was just 6 years old at the time and had been turned away for the best part of 9 months. The idea was to get him fit and ready to sell.

Twilight probably wasn’t the best choice for Dawn, a rider who had zero confidence and had said she was never going to ride again after a couple of nasty falls.

The pair just bonded and that’s as far as his ‘for sale’ status went! Dawn loaned him for the next 4 years and bought him a few months ago.

Together they have gone from hacking to a little bit of everything including BE, Dressage, Arena Eventing, Hunter Trials, and Riding Club teams in all disciplines!

He is Dawn’s horse of a lifetime that she didn’t know she was looking for.

You can Follow Dawn and Twilight on Instagram whiskers_twilight

Ambassador – Bernie and Blue

Meet Bernie and her beautiful little cob mare called Blue.

Bernie has had Blue for 4 years now, during that time they have had a fair few set backs due to a previous stifle injury. 

Bernie decided to stop schooling for a while and focus on hacking. They hack out for hours on end and absolutely love it.

She said that she sometimes forgets you can school whilst you hack, but with this App she no longer has the excuse of ‘forgetting’.

Their aim for 2022 is to start slowly introducing more schooling in the arena back into Blue’s work regime. Bernie also has a passion for dressage!  They are hoping this year will be the year they will be able to do some low level competitions.

Blue is a little fire cracker, all 13.2hh of her! She is often described as a warm blood in a little body, and that’s the thing Bernie loves the most about her.

You can see all their highs and lows on their blog page – The Fearful Rider.

Bernie created The Fearful Rider so like minded people could get some identification and not feel so alone in the horsey world.

You can Follow Bernie and Blue on  Facebook

Ambassador – Sophie with Johnny and Connie

Sophie Douglas is 26 years old from the Scottish Borders. She has 2 ponies – Connie, a coloured cob and Johnny, a palomino Connemara. 

She absolutely adores getting out and about with them both locally, as well as further afield. They both came to her very green and were originally happy hackers. Now they are both showing real potential in their relevant fields, Johnny in show jumping, and Connie in dressage.

You can Follow Sophie on Instagram  horses_and_hypno

Ambassador – Maisie with Summer

Maisie bought Summer back in 2019 as a feral, unbroken 3 year old. Summer definitely tested Maisie at times, but breaking her in & bringing her on has been such a rewarding experience.
Summer is a very quirky horse with the biggest character, and Maisie couldn’t be thankful enough for having her.

You can Follow Maiser & Summer on Instagram _thegingerdevil_